Primer One

Willow trees bend toward one another on a field.

This is Day One of the Willow Finishing Course Primer.  During this month-or-so, you’ll learn how to redefine and then apply your ideas of beauty, dignity, poise, and style.  At the end of the month, you’ll have acquired a morning routine and an evening routine that will help you to look amazing, and you’ll also have a list of daily deportment tools to help you navigate your social world with grace and skill.  I’ll be doing this along with you.  As we go through the Willow Finishing Course, I want you to remember one thing at all times:

Good health + Good grooming + Dignity = Polish

The first habit that I want you to acquire is this: put on chap stick every morning.

The first thing that you need to understand about the Willow Finishing Course is that the tasks are often simple but are almost never easy.  When I say that I want you to put on chap stick every morning, I mean that you are to put it on every morning without fail.  I want you to have chap stick in your purse, in your bathroom, and in the drawer of your night stand. I don’t care what kind of chap stick that you use  (and lip balm is fine) but I’m not talking about lip gloss or lipstick here. Put something on your lips at least once a day that will smooth them and moisturize them and help them to stay  healthy.

Go put on your chap stick right now.

Tomorrow I’ll add the next lesson in the Willow Finishing Course Primer. See you then!

Did you put on chap stick today? Give yourself 1 point.  We’ll be keeping track of score here over the course of the Primer, so make sure to keep a record of your daily scores and your overall scores. Since I’m doing this along with you, I’ll be keeping track of my scores in the comments, and I invite you to do the same.

– Miss Fitzgerald


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15 responses to “Primer One

  1. I applied my chap stick! I receive 1 point, and my overall score is 1.

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  3. My mother just shared this blog with me! And I got 1 point for today !

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  5. ~Wendy

    wahooo – 1 point! fruity flavored chap stick .. yummmmmm

  6. Just found you. Chap stick applied.

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