With thoughts of perfume comes the beginning of something grand

Luminous green light fills glass perfume bottles.

I think that you can remember peeking onto your mother’s counter and being completely enthralled by how ladylike and glamorous her perfume collection was.  Perfume collections have a sort of mysticism to them.  We believe, somehow, that they will transform us into Real Ladies. So we douse ourselves with the cheap stuff, have a reekingly horrible day at school or at work, and then never, ever, ever put the stuff on again.

The truth is that perfume won’t transform you into a Real Lady, but it can help! In fact, there are a number of different little bits and bobs that you can learn that’ll smooth out your rough edges and polish you up until you’re the gleaming specimen that you already know that you could be, if only you had a guide.

I’m your guide. Take my hand and I’ll lead you, habit by habit, through the Willow Finishing Course. Every student starts with a month-long Primer period, and then segues into building up routines and daily grace notes that will help you demonstrate your confidence, dignity, and beauty.  It’s an awesome thing.

Good to meet you; let’s see what we can do with you.



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4 responses to “With thoughts of perfume comes the beginning of something grand

  1. What a uniquely wonderful idea.

  2. fromrebecca

    I’m so glad i’ve come across this site! Your ideas sound amazing, and i’m definitely going to try this course! First step… Find some chap stick in my house! Will vaseline suffice? Rebecca.

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