Primer Two

A funky teapot and teacup sit in front of a glow of soft-focus lights.

Do you remember what the motto of the Willow Finishing Course is? Good health + Good grooming + Dignity = Polish.  We’re learning one new habit a day for about a month to build up a useful store of habits and deportment techniques.  You’ve already learned the first habit: apply chap stick. Did you apply your chap stick today? If so, good– you get 1 point.

The second habit is all about your good health. Every morning, I want you to drink a large glass of water. Give your body something to work with that isn’t caffeine, alcohol, or sugar.  I want you to notice something:  By building up a habit of drinking a large glass of water in the morning and applying chap stick first thing, you’re learning the beginnings of a morning routine. If you do this morning routine long enough, it’ll become second nature–and you’ll  be benefiting vastly. I want you to drink a large glass of water on every morning of every day.

Did you drink a glass of water today? If so, you get 1 point.  If you applied chap stick, you get 1 point. You can earn a total of 2 points today! Post your score in the comments. I’ll do the same.

– Miss Fitzgerald


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5 responses to “Primer Two

  1. I totally applied chap stick and drank a large glass of water this morning. My score for today is 2. Yesterday I had a score of 1. My total score is 3.

  2. Rosalie Krenger

    2 points today 🙂

  3. Water and chap stick. 2 points. Total 3
    I heated the water, it was to cold for clod water. *:)

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