Primer Three

A graceful ballerina dances in a spartan studio.

Good health + Good grooming + Dignity = Polish.  If you’ve been following along, you already know that we’re building up good habits one day at a time.  You know habits one and two: apply chap stick, and drink a big glass of water.   The third habit has to do with how you comport yourself throughout the day: Sit and stand with excellent posture.

But how?

Here are the most basic tips for excellent posture.

1. Straighten your spine and sit or stand up tall.

2. Lower your shoulders and bring them gently back. Just a little–remember, you’re not a soldier!

3.  Lift your sternum or collar bone area.

4.  Squeeze your stomach muscles in a bit.

Now you’ve elongated your spine and prevented yourself from slouching and caving in at the chest.  It’s amazing how this one trick can bring about a huge change your appearance.  You’ll look more slender, dignified, and confident.  So, here’s what I want you do to: Follow steps 1-4 (Straighten, lower, lift, and squeeze) and then place a hardback book on your head.  If you can, walk around a bit.  Feel the change in your balance.  Find a mirror and look at the difference.  Throughout the day, remind yourself to straighten, lower, lift, and squeeze.   This is one of the harder habits that we’ll be learning because it requires ongoing effort–but it’s worth it. It’s worth it. It’s very worth it.

Straighten, lower, lift, and squeeze!

Did you apply chap stick today? If so, you’ve earned 1 point!

Did you drink a big glass of water today? If so, you’ve earned 1 point!

Did you spend at least a few minutes focusing on your posture today? If so, you’ve earned 1 point!

Post your points in the comments; I’ll do the same.

– Miss Fitzgerald


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5 responses to “Primer Three

  1. I totally drank a glass of water and applied chap stick. I need to spend more time on my posture–I’ll get on that right now.

  2. All right; I focused for a bit here on my posture. It’s hard not to fall back into slouching-mode! Now that I’ve applied chap stick, had a large glass of water, and focused on my posture, I get three points. Since I got 1 point on day 1, 2 points on day 2, and 3 points on day 3, I have a total of 6 points.

  3. I skipped ahead. As a yoga instructor this is already part of my life. Not adding points at for me it’s still day 2.

  4. Rosalie Krenger

    3 points today (I have to constantly remind myself about my posture) so 6 points total.

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