Primer Four

A darling little girl frolicks in the surf. She's wearing a pink tuto, which is even more adorable.

Welcome back to the primer! You already know that you should apply chap stick  and drink a big glass of water every morning.  You also know that you should be paying lots of attention to your posture throughout the day.  Habit number four is a humdinger, but it’s a lynchpin in our success: Exercise for thirty minutes.

That’s right.  After you put on your chap stick and drink your water, I want you to move your body for thirty minutes.  You can walk, you can run, you can dance in front of the Kinect, or you can jump rope or lift weights or do whatever appeals to you.  It can be as hard or as easy as you need it to be, but I want you to do it. Every day. Without fail.  We’re building up a habit here.  If you add this to your morning routine, you’ll lose weight, become more muscular, and look better all the time–even on those days when chap stick and water are hard to come by.

I’m really going to harp on you about this!

Go exercise for thirty minutes *right now*.

So, did you put on your chap stick today? If so, 1 point for you!

Did you drink your water? 1 point!

Did you watch your posture? 1 point!

Did you exercise for thirty minutes? 1 point!

You can earn a total of four points today.  Post your score in the comments.  I’ll do the same.

New to the primer? Start here! I want you to start at the beginning and work, day-by-day, through the habits.  Don’t use short cuts! The reason this primer works is because you build slowly and incorporate these habits into your second nature.

– Miss Fitzgerald


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5 responses to “Primer Four

  1. Oohh, that means I get only 2 points today! Does carrying a baby around for 30 minutes count as exercise? 😉

  2. It took me all day to get to it, but I finally exercised and got my point for the day! Today I got four points, and I am PROUD.

  3. Still skipping ahead. I added hula hooping for 30 minutes a day in January. I’m down one dress size even tho the scale has stayed the same. More muscles!!
    Again no points as it is still day 2. I guess I could drink 3 more glasses of water. *:)

  4. Rosalie Krenger

    I put on my chapstick, drank my water, and have been working on my posture since I got up, I’m going on a two mile walk as soon as I finish posting this, so thats 4 for today 🙂 So far I’m at ten points total.

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