Primer Six

A pair of hands sews elastic into a waistband.

Welcome back! If you’re new here, hop on over to Primer One so that you can start at the very beginning. We’re building up habits day-by-day and we’re getting all spiffed up.

The sixth habit in our month-long series of new habits is this: Wear only clothes that fit you perfectly.

That’s right. Out with the baggy and out with the snug. Out with the too short and the too long.  Out with the unflattering.  Only wear clothes that are neither too tight nor too loose; do this and you’ll look, well, prettier and more dignified. Here’s the hard part: you have to do this without regard for the number on the label.  Your waist doesn’t know which number you’d like it to be, so dress to suit what actually is.  Clothes that are too small do you no favors; no one else can see that you’re wearing a size N;  all they can see is the muffin top piling out of your pants. Clothes that are too large billow unattractively and hide your curves.  Let your clothes skim instead of forcing them to sag or cinch.

It’s so much better for your look to wear clothes that truly fit you.

What’s your score for the day?

Chap stick? 1 point.

Large glass of water? 1 point.

Excellent posture? 1 point.

Thirty minutes of exercise? 1 point.

Cleaning your fingernails thoroughly? 1 point.

Wearing only those clothes that fit you perfectly? 1 point.

It’s possible to earn 6 points today.  How did you do? Post your score in the comments.  I’ll do the same. Hey, how’s this going for you? I’m having an awesome time!

– Miss Fitzgerald


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16 responses to “Primer Six

  1. I am having an *excellent* posture day, and I’m all excited about it!

  2. I totally got 4 points! Woohoo.

  3. Rosalie Krenger

    should I start from the beginning completely? (as in one day at a time, several days behind) Or should I just catch up and start doing all 6 today?

  4. I suggest that you start with Primer One and baby step your way up. You don’t want to get overwhelmed; be easy on yourself and really focus on building the habits.

  5. Here I am with my six points–I’m all proud and stuff. Wearing chap stick feels so good.

  6. ~Wendy

    hmm.. 3 points but I am new so I must go and start from the beginning. It looks like fun! I could use some good habits. 🙂
    Though if I make it to this step (clothing) before losing some weight I may be walking around in only my birthday suite .. oh, um, wait.. gee – that doesn’t really fit me nearly as well as it use to – some how it got all flabby and rolly. I **really** need to start working on the excercise step!
    gotta go catch up…

  7. 6 points! i just went through all my clothes 2 weeks ago and purged them! i think the universe knew i was going to be doing this !

    and also- for those lip-chap lovers out there, there is an awesome product called “nipple nibblers” from
    Dont let the name fool you, for while it is yes, used for making your tata’s perky for those intimate moments, as well as tasting like my favorite, raspberry, this can also be used on your lips.

    the mint extracts that causes those perky tata’s pull all the blood to your lips, giving them your natural color, and making them look nice and suple and lushious! for 12$ cdn you get 60 ml of the nibbler, and trust me it is money well spent!

  8. My spring cleaning was my closets. Purged and so glad.
    I know I’m cheating by jumping ahead, but truly so far the habits exists.

    • Congratulations on already having purged your closets! It’s true that for some these habits will be new and for others they’ll be old-hat. Take them at your own pace when necessary and don’t stress about it; I’m about results not semantics.

  9. Rosalie Krenger

    So for today I got 6 points. I just can’t afford to change much of my wardrobe yet, but I did my best to try to wear what fit me well today 🙂 Hopefully in a couple weeks I’ll be able to start slowly replacing my clothes, with smaller one’s prefferably 😉

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