Primer Seven

This is a clear glass jar filled with hand cream.

We’ve been building up a morning routine and we’ve started learning our daily deportment skills. If you’re new, swing on over to Primer One to start–we’re building habits day-by-day, and shortcuts won’t help. I want you to start at the very beginning and work your way up.  Now we’re going to begin building up our evening routine.  Every night before you go to bed, apply lotion to your feet and hands.  It should be a plain lotion with no scents or dyes, since those can irritate your skin. If you want, you can wear socks over your lotioned-up feet to help them stay moisturized overnight.

It’s scoring time!

Did you wear chap stick? 1 point.

Did you drink a large glass of water this morning? 1 point.

Did you take care to have excellent posture throughout the day? 1 point.

Did you exercise for thirty minutes? 1 point.

Did you clean underneath your fingernails thoroughly? 1 point.

Did you wear only clothes that fit you perfectly? 1 point.

Did you apply lotion to your feet and hands at bedtime? 1 point.

It’s possible to earn 7 points today.  How’d you do? Post your score in the comments.  I’ll do the same.

– Miss Fitzgerald


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10 responses to “Primer Seven

  1. 7 points today, – 1 because i havnt gone to bed yet… but i will have 7… and you should be tweeting !!!

  2. I got seven points; I nearly forgot to apply lotion to my feet and hands before I slipped into bed, but I managed it at the last second.

  3. Okay, I will pause here and stay a day behind. Lotion tonight!

  4. fromrebecca

    As i’ve only just stumbled across this, i’m going to have a little head start. As it’s evening, i’m going to do this primer tonight, then start from scratch from primer one tomorrow. Commencing moisturising! Rebecca.

  5. Rosalie Krenger

    Drank water, wore chap stick, wore well fitted clothes, walked to the store and back and cleaned the apartment some more, cleaned my fingernails, tried to keep reminding myself of my posture (still extremely hard) and finally put lotion on my hands and feet. My poor feet were apparently thirsty!

  6. Rosalie Krenger

    So thats 28 points total unless my math is off lol

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