Primer Twelve

A sweet gray and white kitty appears to smile for the camera.

A good smile is one of the craftiest and most attractive weapons in your finishing arsenal. Here’s habit number 12: Smile at everyone.  I don’t mean a hasty, automatic, supermarket smile.  I mean real smile with eye contact and warmth behind it.  Everyone looks prettier when they smile, plus a smiling disarms the wary and delights the affectionate.  A smile will throw your enemies off and bring your loved ones closer. It’ll make the lives of strangers a little sweeter; you’ll find yourself exchanging pleasant moments with the strangest people in the strangest of places.

More to the point, a real smile with honest eye contact acknowledges the other person’s humanity. By smiling authentically, you’re actually seeing them.  Everybody wants to be seen and everybody wants to be validated, so thank your lucky stars that you have excellent oral hygiene and beam your radiant smile at everyone you meet, whether you’re meeting them officially or in passing.

How well did you score today? Give yourself one point for everything that you accomplished on this list.

1. Apply chap stick.
2. Drink a big glass of water.
3. Sit and stand with excellent posture.
4. Exercise for thirty minutes.
5. Clean your nails thoroughly.
6. Dress in clothes that fit you perfectly.
7. Apply lotion to your feet and hands at bedtime.
8. Wear one piece of pretty jewelry.
9. Wear a dab or a spritz of perfume.
10. Stretch gently for five minutes at bedtime.
11. Floss and thoroughly brush your teeth twice a day.
12. Smile at everyone.

Are you feeling more polished yet? I know that I am. I’ll post my score in the comments, and I hope that you’ll do the same.

– Miss Fitzgerald


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2 responses to “Primer Twelve

  1. Connie Ashpole

    So very true… Being on the receiving end of a smile always makes you feel better.

  2. I’ve been cultivating a smile so I have better “line” in my face as I age. I see my LOL (hairdresser for little old lady) with a perpetual scowl and know I did not want that. This habit lend it self to a more ready and sincere smile in life.

    Points for me. *:)

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