Primer Fifteen

An adorable puppy is asleep.


Did all of that clean speaking wear you out? Good, because today’s new habit is the stuff of which dreams are made: Go to bed in time to get eight hours of sleep. I want you to go to bed at a decent hour. Really, truly, I want you to go to bed in time to get eight hours of sleep, plus an hour of preparation time in the morning.  When I wake up, I shower, drink coffee, clean up the house a little bit, and spend some time primping before the day begins. For me, this is peaceful, nurturing time, and I want every woman to have the same. But not all of us operate in the same way; I want you to focus simply on making sure that you allow yourself eight hours for sleep.

How many times have you slogged tiredly through a day because you didn’t get enough sleep the night before? I’ll bet you that those were days when you didn’t feel attractive and you didn’t feel kind and you didn’t feel intelligent. Sleeping well gives you the opportunity to feel beautiful, act elegantly, and solve problems efficiently. Be kind to yourself; set a bed time and stick to it.

Notice that we’re adding on to the evening routine here. Setting a bedtime and sleeping for eight hours is one of the kindest things that you can do for yourself.

On to the scoring! How well did you do today? Give yourself one point for each task you accomplished.  Then  post your score in the comments section; I’ll do the same.

1. Apply chap stick.
2. Drink a big glass of water.
3. Sit and stand with excellent posture.
4. Exercise for thirty minutes.
5. Clean your nails thoroughly.
6. Dress in clothes that fit you perfectly.
7. Apply lotion to your feet and hands at bedtime.
8. Wear one piece of pretty jewelry.
9. Wear a dab or a spritz of perfume.
10. Stretch gently for five minutes at bedtime.
11. Floss and thoroughly brush your teeth twice a day.
12. Smile at everyone.
13. Refuse to say anything bad about anyone, including yourself.
14. Remove profanity from your speech.
15. Go to bed in time to get eight hours of sleep.

By the way, are you new here? If so, skip back to Primer One and start there. We’re building habits one day at a time so that we can really absorb the concepts; short cuts do us no good. Don’t overwhelm yourself! Start by putting on your chap stick.

– Miss Fitzgerald

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  1. I have always been an early bird. Getting my 8 is only an issue on Monday and Thursday nights. I teach at 6:00AM on Tuesday & Friday, is wake up is 4:30AM. Sleeping at 8:30 just does not happen. I do head for bed at 9 and read for a bit so I at least have quite time.

    14 still have a negative comment or two for me.

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