Primer Nineteen

A wee tabby kitten gazes just a little bit to the right of the camera.

Let me walk you through some logic here. Eyes are the window to the soul. All people want to be acknowledged and seen. Therefore, gazing into their eyes is an effective way to acknowledge their humanity and worth.

This leads me to habit 19:   Look your conversation partners in the eye.

I’m not talking about staring here. Don’t peer at their eyeballs relentlessly as you talk; just make sure that gaze meets gaze a few times over the course of the conversation. Doing this demonstrates that you know that you’re worth something, and it proves that you respect your conversation partner.  Today (and tomorrow, and the next day, etc.) I want you to make sure that you get in at least a bit of eye contact during every conversation. See what happens.

Scoring! How well did you do today? I’ll post my score in the comments section, and I invite you to do the same. If you’re new here, head back to Primer One and start there–we’re building up habits one day at a time, and it’s important to give at least one day to each concept.

1. Apply chap stick.
2. Drink a big glass of water.
3. Sit and stand with excellent posture.
4. Exercise for thirty minutes.
5. Clean your nails thoroughly.
6. Dress in clothes that fit you perfectly.
7. Apply lotion to your feet and hands at bedtime.
8. Wear one piece of pretty jewelry.
9. Wear a dab or a spritz of perfume.
10. Stretch gently for five minutes at bedtime.
11. Floss and thoroughly brush your teeth twice a day.
12. Smile at everyone.
13. Refuse to say anything bad about anyone, including yourself.
14. Remove profanity from your speech.
15. Go to bed in time to get eight hours of sleep.
16. Wear a signature piece.
17. Cook at least one meal with healthy ingredients.
18. Don’t criticize anyone.
19. Look your conversation partners in the eye.

– Miss Fitzgerald

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One response to “Primer Nineteen

  1. Fairly easy. I learned how important this was in a woman’s roue I belongs to years ago.

    19 points.

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