Primer Twenty

Here we see a mouth in the act of speaking.Today we’re adding to our daily deportment skill set.  This one’s a doozy, but, on the bright side, you can practice it all day. Here’s habit 20: Pronounce every syllable when you speak.

I don’t mean that you should sound like TNG’s Data; you can use contractions and colloquialisms, but I want you to pronounce every consonant and round out every vowel. Don’t be lazy; speak a bit slower than usual and really wrap your lips around those words. Pay special attention to the ends of words and sentences; we tend to forget about enunciating those bits and bobs of speech and they turn into rapid-fire mush. Really speak the end. I want you to practice this all day; be as clear as possible when you speak by pronouncing every syllable of every word.

Are you new here? Start at the beginning, at Primer One. We’re building up habits one by one, and I want you to spend an entire day absorbing each concept. Start by putting on some chap stick!

It’s scoring time! Give yourself 1 point for each task that you’ve accomplished today. I’ll post my score in the comments, and I invite you to do the same. How well did you do today?


1. Apply chap stick.
2. Drink a big glass of water.
3. Sit and stand with excellent posture.
4. Exercise for thirty minutes.
5. Clean your nails thoroughly.
6. Dress in clothes that fit you perfectly.
7. Apply lotion to your feet and hands at bedtime.
8. Wear one piece of pretty jewelry.
9. Wear a dab or a spritz of perfume.
10. Stretch gently for five minutes at bedtime.
11. Floss and thoroughly brush your teeth twice a day.
12. Smile at everyone.
13. Refuse to say anything bad about anyone, including yourself.
14. Remove profanity from your speech.
15. Go to bed in time to get eight hours of sleep.
16. Wear a signature piece.
17. Cook at least one meal with healthy ingredients.
18. Don’t criticize anyone.
19. Look your conversation partners in the eye.
20. Pronounce every syllable when you speak.

– Miss Fitzgerald

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