About Willow Finishing Course

A row of worn leather books.

You’ve probably noticed that some women are predisposed to elegance. They’re always dressed nicely and they’re always saying or doing the right thing. Somehow, though, they don’t seem like they’re vapid or following a series of socially prescribed mores.  They’re funny or creepily intelligent or passionate about the politics at town hall.  They’re awesome.  Somehow, most of us fall into a kind of frumpy, bumbling rut; we know that there are skills to being polished, and we dream of running away to finishing school so that we can arrive back at home a True Lady, with all of the things that already make us wonderful plus some skills and habits that make us easy to admire.

Well, finishing schools aren’t cheap. And finishing schools aren’t local. Finishing schools are hard to find for the average woman. So I made you one: the Willow Finishing Course, and it’s free. I can polish you up, but you’ll have to work with me to get there. This school is simple but never easy. You’ll have to work for this, but I think that you’ll agree that the results are staggeringly worth it.

The school starts off with a Primer that lasts for a touch over a month. You’ll want to start with Primer One and work your way all the way to Primer Thirty-Two. Then you’ll be ready to start the morning routines and evening routines and you’ll know how to use the daily deportment tools. Then – hold on to your hats – I’ll teach you how to care for your skin, remind you when it’s time to get a manicure, and help you to shape your wardrobe in your own elegant image.

This is going to be tremendous.  Start today–all you have to do is apply some chap stick.

– Miss Fitzgerald


2 responses to “About Willow Finishing Course

  1. This is great! It is so easy to forget to take care of yourself but this is a nice reminder that by doing simple things you can feel better and that you deserve to take time for yourself to do them.

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